The award scheme is currently closed and the dates to remember for 2019 are that the awards scheme will be open to receive entries from 12th March to 5.00pm on 12th April 2019.


The Devon Historic Buildings Trust is pleased to announce a new Buildings Conservation Awards scheme to celebrate nearly 45 years since the Trust began its role in conserving the historic buildings of Devon.

The aim of the Awards is to encourage all those who work with historic buildings, whether they are Listed or of importance in a townscape or landscape, by acknowledging their best conservation practice and good design. Every project within each category will be judged on its own merits, and every type of built environment is eligible to apply regardless of size, type or budget.

There are four awards categories:

  • Category A: Repairs of an historic building or structure (being any wall or structure of an historical nature or in an historical setting).
  • Category B: Restoration of an historic building or structure.
  • Category C: A new build structure in an historic setting, including an AOB or Conservation Area.
  • Category D: The regeneration of an historic building or structure, or the regeneration of buildings in a group.

DetailsWithin categories A and B, the importance of identifying the technical and philosophical issues, and how they would be resolved, leading to a sound conservation philosophy which then informs the eventual outcome, will be essential. With all categories the assessors will look for entries that demonstrate the broad range of skills and how they have informed the outcome.

The projects must have been completed within two years from the entry closure date, 14th April 2017. Applications may be submitted by the owner, a member of the design team or any of the contractors involved with the project. A minimal entry fee of £20 applies to all categories.

Timescale:  Entries may be submitted at any time between 14th March 2017 and the closing date of 14th April 2017. A shortlist of potential winners will be announced to all applicants and to the media in September 2017.

The well-publicised Awards ceremony, to which all short listed applicants and the press will be invited, will take place in October 2017 at Ugbrooke House, Chudleigh, Devon.

Levels of Award:

• Certificate and DHBT Awards plaque will be awarded to a project that demonstrates excellence in achieving the quality of process, application and appearance of an historic building or structure.

• Commendation will be awarded to a project that has made an important contribution to the repair, restoration or future of an historic building. Such a project will demonstrate a good standard of conservation and/or design.

How to apply for the Awards scheme: Our guidance notes and application forms can be accessed below. If further information is required please contact Mrs Sue Spackman – DHBT Chair on 01822 615221 or email